Psycho Sisters


    Psycho Sisters is an Atlanta based consignment boutique that carries an eclectic mix of hip mall brands, trendy labels, and new samples, as well as vintage clothing. Since 1996, Psycho Sisters has been named an Atlanta Best of Consignment. Accessorize your wardrobe with unique jewelry, hats, and shoes, or customize your look for your next decade or themed party. Specific items are available for rent.

Watch the Psycho Sisters Photo Shoot below

  • Video Shot/Edited by: Christian Palma

  •         Music Created by: Josh Storrer

    With a wide range of costumes, the Halloween season is our specialty. Funky accessories such as wigs, lace gloves, legwarmers, sunglasses, feather boas, gogo boots, fish nets, and much more will provide you with many choices to optimize your Halloween costume shopping. From the 1800ís to the 1990ís Psycho Sisters has it covered.